Survey Shows that Vietnamese Outbound Travellers Favour Cash Transactions

A survey -unfortunately only available in Vietnamese language- done by Saigon-based Outbox Consulting gives some interesting information over Vietnam outbound travel habits.

Vietnamese outbound travel is rapidly growing and is likely to top the 10-million travellers mark in 2020 as Vietnam middle class is expanding. 60% of Vietnam’s population under the age of 35 has better education and higher income than previous generations. They are the engine to outbound travel growth. Last year, the country generated a total of 8.6 million outbound travellers, almost doubling the number of 2012 (4.8 million)

A report of tourism consulting cabinet Outbox Consulting released at the end of July on Vietnam outbound travel trends.The survey polled around 1,053 Vietnamese people aged 20-50 who had traveled abroad in the past 12 months.

Some 52 percent of Vietnamese tourists are independent travellers who design their own itineraries and arrange their own travel plans, while 38 percent buy group tour packages. Only 10 percent of Vietnamese tourists travel abroad on tailored tours.

Asia remained the most visited outbound destinations by Vietnamese travellers. Outbox indicated that local travellers on a tour package spend around VND10 to 20 million (US$430 to 861 ) for each overseas trip, while spending of Vietnamese independent travellers was estimated at VND5 to 10 million (US$215 to 430) for each overseas trip.

According to research results of Outbox Consulting, Vietnamese tourists preferred to make cash payments rather than cashless transactions, with 60.4 percent of polled travelers using the US dollar or foreign currencies at destinations abroad. More than 50 percent of Vietnamese travelers said they paid by credit cards when traveling abroad.

Interestingly, the survey cited ASEAN travel statistics in their finding…

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